For the SaaS Group is not only important to achieve business goals but it is also important how they are achieved. Our business partners, our shareholders, our outside creditors, the public, and finally our employees all expect us to behave with integrity. In other words: to be honest.fair.transparent.

Clear Rules

On the one hand that we give ourselves clear rules: what is allowed, but also what is not allowed. Of course, we adhere to legal regulations and to our internal rules, the Code of Conduct and the guidelines that have been resolved.

We live Integrity

The second approach complements the rules. Everyone knows that there is not necessarily a rule in place for every situation where a decision has to be made. But how do we behave in cases that have not been regulated in advance? The answer: ethically and with integrity, or “honest. fair. transparent.”! For us, integrity means far more than simply implementing rules and guidelines. It is a question of our¬†corporate culture.

Questions and Remarks

Do you have questions or concerns as to whether a certain incident is in line with our values in terms of integrity or our rules? Then please contact us. How you can reach us can be found under “Contact”.

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