Compliance Guidelines

Compliance Guidelines

The Code of Conduct comprises the central behavioural guidelines of the SaaS Group. It summarizes the most important considerations and rules that apply to all of our employees and the entire management of the SaaS Group, and is an important element of our corporate culture. The Code of Conduct contains guidelines on:

  • fair dealings
  • confidentiality
  • conflict of interests
  • gifts and personal advantages
  • protection of corporate assets
  • violations against the Code of Conduct
  • communicating the Code of Conduct
  • whistle-blower principles including contact information

Anti-Corruption and Conflict of Interest

The goal of these guidelines is to ensure that all relevant legal anti-corruption regulations are observed across the Group. These guidelines also include rules for Gifts & Invitations, Management-Consulting & Lobbying and Sponsoring, Donations and Advertising.

There is a conflict of interest when our personal and professional interests are in conflict. The guidelines provide help in avoiding or resolving a conflict of interest.

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